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Free Sample Comics

Some comic authors have kindly made their comics available for free download from this web page. All licensing rights and copyright of the work belong to the authors. If you like their comics and want to find out more, please visit their web-site. Thank you. (Note that the comics below are not tagged yet with comic info)

Tuesday by Henrik Rehr

Henrik Rehr's eye-witness account of the events of September 11th, 2001.

TIME magazine describes the work as "profound and moving".


Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story

Created in 1956, this is one of many rare comics found and made available online by Ethan Persoff.

This comic is considered to have been highly influential in highlighting the struggle for equality and in spreading the message of passive resistance.


Artist's Block by StudioNJ

Web-designer Adam Hall is fated to become a great artist... but not before overcoming Artist’s Block, his most unnecessarily complicated obstacle. Join Adam in this honest-to-life story as he battles against enemies both internal and external, while his very future lays in the balance!

Download Chapter 1

Wasteland by Onipress

April 2006 - A new comic book series by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten.

One hundred years after the Big Wet, a disaster that destroyed most of the world, a scavenger's life changes forever as he begins to discover the secrets of mankind's downfall.

Download Issue 1 Sampler

Cindi in Space by University of Texas at Dallas

An educational comic based on a NASA space project, featuring Manga style artwork. Meet Cindi and her space dogs!


Private ¿ by Laurent Hrybyk

Isaac Taubins, P.I. is on his last thread before he weaves himself into an intricate network of corruption throughout his hometown.

(Some mild violence and bad language)

Download Issue 1

Download Issue 2

Download Issue 3

Wiggles The Wonderworm by L.B.Cole

First appearing in 1945, Wiggles The Wonderworm will take you to a strange place with funny animal superheros.

Wiggles The Wonderworm is now in the public domain.


Golden Boy by Max Riffner

July 2006 - Markosia Comics

Join a retired boxer, Cole “Golden Boy” Parker, who has lost his way into a lonely life and is now on a journey to change his life.

Download Issue 1 Preview

Zoom Suit by Superverse

April 2006 - By writer and director John Taddeo, and based upon an award-winning short animation, Zoom Suit tells the story of a kid who discovers an alien suit of armor, giving him superpowers...

Download Issue 1