“ComicBookLover is the iTunes for digital comics” —MacWorld

"A superior experience to holding the real comic book" — Andy Ihnatko

Your Mac Superhero

ComicBookLover for Mac OS X enables comic fans to easily view, collect, and organise digital comics. Find comics to read by browsing cover artwork, smart lists, or using the advanced search functions. Read comics on your laptop, on an external display, in full screen, or perhaps even in Manga mode. Let ComicBookLover do the hard work of managing thousands of comics while you just enjoy your reading!

“ComicBookLover, is bar none the best digital comic book viewer I have come across on the Internet. It is a really really killer application that works wonderfully on the Macintosh.

It's a place to store and view your digital comics and it has features which no other viewer I have ever seen has. Excellent, top-notch, really, really cool program and I really think you'll dig it a whole bunch if you decide to check it out.”

- Neil Gorman (Comicology Podcast)
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The Rise of Digital Comics

Digital comics are popular with many comic fans and comic creators, and an increasing number of publishers are now distributing comics digitally. Reading comics on a modern computer screen is comfortable and enjoyable. The visual nature of graphic novels is well suited to the screen where colours are vibrant and characters seem to jump out at you.

Protect your investment

Do you have boxes of comics stashed away in the garage? Are you a serious collector? Even if insured for the risk of theft, flood or other damage, nothing can compensate for the time and effort spent in building a collection. Even if you prefer to curl up on the sofa with a paper comic rather than reading on a computer screen, having a digital collection as a backup can provide peace of mind.

Young at heart

If you haven't picked up a comic since you were a kid, and you find yourself staring at a computer screen all day, now's the time to ditch the PowerPoint slides and go get yourself some decent reading material. ComicBookLover can help remind you how much fun comics are, and show you that there exists a diverse range of material to suit all ages, even adults.