ComicBookLover Features

ComicBookLover enables you to easily to view and collect digital comics on your Mac.

Features include:

  • Read comics in single page mode, or Western and Manga double page mode
  • Auto-sense over-sized pages and auto-resize facing pages so they fit neatly
  • Full screen mode
    • on-screen display controls
    • dual-display support
    • use Apple Remote
    • makes use of sudden motion sensor in newer laptops
  • Simple keyboard and mouse controls
  • Edit comic information in any language (English, Japanese, etc.)
  • Auto-completion of keywords, and autofill, speeds up editing
  • Create lists and smart lists of your favourite comics
  • Bookmark your favourite chapters and pages
  • Import existing comics into ComicBookLover library
  • Support for comic archive formats: CBZ, CBR, PDF, Folder of images
  • Adjust colours, sharpen images, scale, rotate and re-order page viewing
  • Tag comics with ComicBookInfo, an open standard for tagging digital comics with metadata
  • Spotlight searching of comic metadata
  • Use an Apple Remote to view comics in full-screen mode
  • Supports laptops equipped with sudden motion sensor


Digital Comics 101

Digital comics are simply folders of images which have been compressed with Zip or Rar (both common archiving tools). This makes it easy for comic creators to create their own digital comics for distribution.

These comic archives are also known as CBZ and CBR files, and are considered the de facto standard for digital comic distribution, in a similar way to how the MP3 format is associated with digital music.



“ComicBookLover is the iTunes for digital comics..."

- MacWorld

“I love your program, it's by far the best piece of software I've ever used for viewing digital comics.”

- Alex (User)

“This app is INCREDIBLE! You guys have really gotten me back into comics. I actually have 6 new Marvel subscriptions and I'm getting more. I love everything about this app...”

- Todd (User)

“THE program to use for viewing comics. ComicBookLover is to comics what iPhoto is to photos.

- Chris (User)

“I love seeing all those little comic-book covers laid out in front of me; my twelve-year-old self would have been incredibly jealous.

- Matt (User)

“This morning I have been sitting in my garden reading Ex Machina with ease and style thanks to your excellent program...”

- Michael (User)