User Guide To RadioLover 1.4

RadioLover Team

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What Is RadioLover?
RadioLover Features
Why Record Radio?
What About RealAudio?
2. Getting Started
Obtaining the software
System Requirements
3. Beginner's Tutorial
Step by step tutorial
4. Radio Stations
Finding an Internet radio station to record
Import iTunes Radio Stations
Web Pages
Organising your stations
5. How To Use RadioLover
Stream Table
The Toolbar
Recording Controls
Record and Stop
Skipping A Track
Show Music
Stream Management
Add Stream
Add Folder
Delete Stream or Folder
Stream Recording Options
Recording Style
Scheduler Options
Web Address
Other Controls
Download History
Radio Tuner and Importer
6. Recording Style
What is a recording style?
Setting A Radio Station's Recording Style
iTunes Playlist Integrations
Track Information
Standard Options
Advanced Options
7. Scheduler
How does the scheduler operate?
8. Preferences
Download Preferences
Listening Preferences
Network Preferences
Miscellaneous Preferences
9. FAQ
A. RadioLover Software License Agreement
B. RadioLover Acknowledgements

List of Figures

2.1. Mounted Disk Image Window In Finder
4.1. iTunes Radio Tuner
4.2. Drag and drop from
4.3. Drag and drop from Live365, via iTunes
5.1. The Table Of Radio Streams
5.2. Web Address Drawer
5.3. Download History
6.1. Recording Style Drawer
6.2. Recording Style Menus
6.3. Save, Rename And Delete Recording Styles
6.4. Splitting Options
6.5. Tagging Options
6.6. iTunes Playlist Options
6.7. Track Information Options
6.8. Language Encoding Menu
6.9. Korean Language Song Title
7.1. The Scheduler
8.1. Downloading Options
8.2. Listening To Streams
8.3. Connection Options
8.4. Miscellaneour Options